Edited Volume


BRICS and The Global Economy (forthcoming), Soo Yeon Kim (Ed.), Singapore: World Scientific

Kim, S. Y., Introductory chapter
Chapter 1: Carneiro, C. L., Brazil as a BRICS Country
Chapter 2: Bodenstein, T., Russia in Global Economic Governance
Chapter 3: Kumar, R., India and Global Governance
Chapter 4: Zeng, K., China and Global Economic Governance
Chapter 5: Nel, P., South Africa, BRICS, and Global Governance: How SA Tried to Change the World and Succeeded in Changing Itself
Chapter 6: Börzel, T. A. and Risse T., Emerging Economies – but Regional Powers? The BRICS and Regionalism
Chapter 7: Asmus, G., Fuchs, A. and Müller, A., BRICS and Foreign Aid
Chapter 8: Haftel, Y. Z., BRICS and the Global Investment Regime
Chapter 9: Li, A. X., Exchange Rate Policies of the BRICS
Chapter 10: Mennillo, G., He who pays the piper calls the tune: And the 'relocation of the world's credit rating center' goes to?
Chapter 11: Gray, J., Treaty Shopping and Unintended Consequences: BRICS in the International System
Chapter 12: Michaelowa, A. and Michaelowa, K., The BRICS in the International Climate Negotiations
Chapter 13: Fumagalli, M., The BRICS, energy security, and global energy governance
Chapter 14: Kaya, A., BRICS and the International Financial Institutions: Voice and Exit
Chapter 15: Parízek, M. and Stephen, M. D., The Representation of BRICS in Global Economic Governance: Reform and Fragmentation of Multilateral Institutions

Chapters in Books

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